Meeting Journal in Pictures – 2018

Indiana County WoodTurners – Meetings Journal – 2018

September 2018 – Dave Betler and David Dudney – Layout and Carving on you Turnings

A detailed handout is available here.

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May 2018 – Carol Hall – Beyond Round and Brown – A Demonstration of Embellishment Techniques

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March 2018 – BA Harrington and John Miller – Governor’s Award for the Arts in Pennsylvania – Design of the Award Objects

BA Harrington, Director of the Wood Center at IUP, and John Miller, student, discussed the design and fabrication of the 2017 Award Objects for the Governor’s Awards for the Arts in Pennsylvania.

Under the supervision of the fall 2017 Wingate Artist-in-Residence John Hallett, students in the Wood Center collaboratively designed and crafted the award objects.  Hallett’s Advanced Woodworking students all submitted preliminary design concepts for the award object.  The design submitted by John Miller was selected.  His design is a three dimensional object created by superimposing a Keystone – representing Pennsylvania the Keystone State and the profile of the Liberty Bell – a metaphor for Liberty.

The concept behind the object is best described by the artist’s own words. “Artistic Expression is the keystone of liberty.  Without liberty there can be no artistic expression.  Without artistic expression, there is no liberty.  The interdependence of these ideals is expressed when the Pennsylvania Keystone is merged with Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell.  The forms are co-dependent; each supports the other; one does not exist without the other.”

More about the award object’s creation …

The Award Object – Designed and Crafted by BA, John Hallet, John Miller, and other IUP Students

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The completed set of Award Objects

February 2018 – Eccentric Trees – Greg Dick

A detailed handout is available here.

Greg demonstrated the procedure to make “evergreen” tree decorations.  The approach required that the turning be done on four centers: three eccentric centers in addition to the conventional “on-center” center.

January 2018 – Lidded Box – John Sinosky

A detailed handout is available here.

John presented his approach to turning lidded boxes.  His procedure requires a single chuck which is never dismounted during the turning process.

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