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November 12, 2019 – “Let’s Make Bowls” – John Sinosky

John is leading an effort to “initiate” our five new members with a Bowl Turning Tutorial.  Each new member will be paired with an accomplished member who will coach the new member through the process of turning a bowl.  If any other members would like to participate as tutor or tutee, please contact John at This promises to be a very interesting and instructive evening – join us! 

October 8, 2019 – Wood-Mizer – Chris Weiland, BA Harrington, and Todd Steffy

This month’s program is a demonstration of the operation of the University’s Wood-Mizer saw mill. Details:

  • The meeting will be held at the Robertshaw facilities building at the corner of Rose Street and Robertshaw Drive.  That is at the lower left corner of this IUP Campus Map.
  • Parking is available; BA suggests parking alongside the gravel access road that goes past the shed.
  • If you want a chair, bring your own.
  • There is a room available in the building, so bring your CHIPS entries and submissions for the Instant Gallery (don’t forget your name/species label).
  • Elections for all officer positions will be held – bring our nominations.  Be sure to attend … absent folks might be nominated and elected :-).

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April 9, 2019 – “Load-carrying Band-saw Tool Kit (L.B.T.K)” – Tyler Stanton – IUP MFA student

The L.B.T.K. is a mobile tool kit designed to be transported on the artist’s back. This kit allows the wearer to create site specific art-work utilizing materials found on location. The parallel goals of this project are to create connections between military traditions and contemporary art practices while also engaging artists and viewers alike in the creation of art objects.

Join us for this most interesting program; You can find more details here.