Archive – A Historical Connection to Past ICWA Activities

Indiana County Woodturners Association (ICWA) was founded in 2005/6.  In the early days, the group’s activities were documented in a monthly newsletter that was distributed to the members.  In late 2012, a web site was commissioned, then built to give the group an internet presence.  In 2015, family obligations forced the the Newsletter Editor to resign his position.  For the period 2015 through 2022, the Meeting Journal in Pictureswas the only record of monthly meetings.

In 2023, A new newsletter Editor emerged.  The new newsletter, The Woodshed, is “a monthly publication for updated news, announcements and many other useful and interesting things”  It includes monthly documentation of the Business Meeting, the Demonstration / Program, CHIPS and other happenings.

This step forward prompted a modification to the website.  Information in the Meeting Journal in Pictures, and CHIPS sections of the web site is now redundant. To eliminate that redundancy and simplify site navigation, these two sections were removed from primary locations in the web site.

However, those sections are the historical record of the clubs activities.  They are maintained to preserve that record. The result is that, moving forward, monthly meeting programs and CHIPS will be documented in the The Woodshed; access to the historical data will be through this page.

  • Archive – Meeting Journal in Pictures Archive

Meeting Activities for the Period 2013 through 2022 can be found here.  The link takes you to the Journal for 2021/2022.  At the bottom of each yearly page there is a link to the previous year; thus, all of the past Journals are accessible.

  • Archive – CHIPS

CHIPS Activities for the period 2014 through 2022 can be found here.

  • Archive – Newsletters

A collection of Newsletters from the the period 2010 through 2016 cn be found here.

  • 1) Archive – Minutes

Minutes for 2022 are available here.