January 8, 2019 – Mystery Meeting – Madam President

We will meet Tuesday, January 8.  President Daryl has an interesting program in mind.  Join us!

In the mid-1800s in Lancaster County, PA, Joseph Lehn made – you guessed it – Lehnware. They were small lidded boxes, painted and decorated that were used to store saffron. They are often called Saffron Jars although they may have been used to store other spices. They are easy to turn on a small lathe and make great gifts. Eric Armstrong

October 9, 2018 – Photograph Pens – Daryl Gray

Daryl will demonstrate how she makes a pen with a photograph inside.  Daryl says, “We will go over the entire process from selecting photos and paper to preparing the pen tubes for the photos and casting material to making an actual blank, trimming and turning it. Finishing is not necessary as they buff to a smooth glossy finish.