April message

I wish everyone a blessed Easter surrounded by friends and family.
Our last regular meeting was very informative. It was a treat to have a guest demonstrator that’s so talented. Her ease at turning an egg was incredible. Thank you Linda for sharing your talent.
The “sawdust session” was well attended with ten people present. Watching and instructing the “youthful” turners is as fun for me as turning. I think Jonathon said it well, during a teaching session the instructor learns as much as the students.
We are still getting corporate donations to raise funds for the audio/video system. The feedback I received from those on Zoom was very positive. It was nice seeing the cuts made on the egg in close up on the screen. We are close to $2000 thus far in monetary donations for the equipment. For each $50 in donations you receive a ticket for a chance to win one of the corporate donations. A list will be forthcoming.
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The link to the YouTube presentation.
Please join our next meeting to watch Linda G. turning an egg.

March meeting

First of all our next meeting is a week from Tuesday.
The exciting news that’s been in the works is an upgrade to our demonstrations and zoom connections. The video above was filmed a week ago with equipment that CW put together. What you see on the screens is what you’ll see at the meeting demonstrations or on Zoom. The audio has been enhanced as well. The acoustics in the shop is not the best so this is a huge benefit.
Please attend the upcoming meeting and see for yourself what technology can do to “take it up a notch.”
Now to pay for the equipment!!! We have eight or more woodturning items of a $100 value that have been donated to be raffled off. One example is a Doug Thompson detail gouge. I believe we are in the range of $2500 to purchase all the necessary equipment that produced this video.
The next meeting will be a first of this kind for the club. As you can see in the video there’s zooming capabilities that the audience can see tool positioning and techniques. Whether you join us live or via Zoom you can view the same thing.
Any questions prior to the meeting please let me know.
As details develop I will keep the group updated.

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Next meeting

Our next meeting is a week from today, December 12th.
The demonstration is being done by Denny N. Ebonizing wood. Thanks to him for doing on a short notice.
No CHIPS. We are doing an exchange. Bring a wrapped item that you made to exchange.
An update of the ornament bidding will be given at the meeting

November Meeting

The next regular meeting is a week from tomorrow, November 14th.
Chips is an ornament.
For those of you donating ornaments for the tree please bring them to the meeting. I want to get the tree up prior to Indiana Light up Night which is the 17th. All proceeds go to the Teddy Bear Fund Drive benefitting IRMC pediatrics and Children’s Hospital.
Hope to see you there.